land and brush clearing in highlandville missouri

Clear Your Lot to Get It Ready for Development

Set up land clearing services in Highlandville & Springfield, MO

Before you can build, you need the lot you're building on to be completely cleared. Based in Highlandville, MO, BCS Excavating LLC provides comprehensive land clearing services for residential and commercial clients in Springfield and all over southwest Missouri. We'll handle everything from brush clearing to removing trees and structures.

Trust us to get your lot ready for construction. Call us today at 417-689-4751 for a free estimate on lot clearing services.

Do you need your land cleared before you can build or sell?

Whether you're getting a lot ready for the market or development, turn to BCS Excavating for fast and affordable lot clearing services. Our land clearing and lot preparation services include:

  • Tree clearing
  • Brush clearing
  • Land leveling

Reach out to us right away to set up land clearing services in Highlandville and Springfield, MO or the surrounding areas in southwest Missouri.